Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My polish's, supply's and accessories. Oh and some swatches!

Okay, here I am just going to get right to the point. No new designs Im afraid except for 1. Since I split my 2 days off, I will only be showing 1 mani and some pics of my polish's, supply's ect. This way you can see what I have to work with. Which unfortuneately is a lot, but my creativity is very limited with thte no nail polish at work thingy. Which I can only dream at the moment will change in the next few months, but we will see. So for know enjoy the pics and I will see you next time. Thanks.

In this box, I have 66 China Glaze nail polishes. WOW, Thats all I can say... WOW!!!
You might also be able to see my Nfu-Oh's, Orly Cosmic FX Collection, Milani, and my Deborah Lippmann. <3 that one!

Here are just some of the extra polishe I got. Before I realized how much I love China Glaze. And yeah those are a crap load of 2 Way art polishes. I got them off ebay, everyone was only getting like the 15 or 24. Not me I got the 42 pack, hehe. Theres some Pure Ice, Sinful Colors, Zoya, Orly, Sally Hansen, Wet n' Wilds, OPI, Icing, and Del Sol. Oh and Bubble White, I saw Sayanythingbr00kes video on that stuff, I bought it for a $1.99 and fell in love. So now the $5 jar is completely worth it.

Okay well the pic thingy isnt working at the moment, so I will have to leave this post as is till it starts working again. Sorry for the mishap. Until next time.

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