Saturday, March 26, 2011

Updates, just talkin and playin around

Okay, so your probably wondering where the heck are all my updated pics. Well.... I will be putting those up next week. I actually have 2 days off next week and I am going to spend them playing with all the new polishes I got. I havent had 2 days off in a row in almost 2 months. So a full weekend is way overdue for me. But I recently bought 3 more china glaze polishes from sally's. Im so sad though, there's only 1 more color I really want from the Tronica collection and I havent been able to find it since sallys had them out. I want the Techno Teal color. So pretty!!! I really dont care that this collection isnt as holographic as OMG and Kaleidescope because in the sun which is where I plan to be mostly this summer, it looks AMAZING!!! Seriously, when I bought hologram I tried it out in the store, ande was disappointed but I bought it anyway just to have it. But when I left the store and saw my nail in the natural sunlight, I fell in LOVE. I will definately be posting pics of it next week. To me these colors are a mix between OMG and Kaleidescope, it just depends on the lighting. Thats my opinion and Im sticken to it, hehe. But believe me I was just as disappointed when I saw the collection too. So dont be all, What? that collection sucks! Nope don't wanna hear it, haha. Well to conitnue with the updates, Ive also been playing around with some new designs, and I will now post some pics of what I came up with. Ive gotten inspiration from other bloggers and things like that, so if you think these look like other peoples designs then Im sorry, but Im tired, it's late, and I just got off work and don't feel like looking peoples links or names up at the moment, but if you know who then you can thank them for me, but to everyone and their inspirations THANK YOU!!! You all give me great ideas to play around with. So here's some new pics:

My new Deborah Lippmann: Across the Universe, so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here we have Zoya Pippa w/ Nfu-Oh #40 and Matte Magic
I wish the flakies would show up better, it is so pretty in real life. Think Im going to do this on my toes, make them nice and bright.

Here we have just Sally Hansen's Black Out with Deborah Lippmann: Across the Universe on top, also w/ Matte Magic. Love this combo.

And again Sally Hansen Black Out, but with Nfu-Oh #40 and matte magic. It just makes the glitters and flakies stand out more. So awesome!

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  1. Yay! You got ATU! I love that one but didn't realize how awesome it looks matte...I might have to try that out soon.