Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Water Marbeling

Here are some of my water marble mani's. I love to water marble. It is easy, fun and you can do so many different designs. Everyone should try water marbling, some say they have a hard time, but like they say practice makes perfect.

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Cheers to You.

China Glaze OMG and Frostbite.

This was Pure Ice Black Rage, Cheers to You, and Pink Voltage, the base was black as well so the base turned a very pretty purple from the marbling.

Heres the same colors as before only the base is the Pink Voltage.

China Glaze OMG and Little Drummer Boy.

This is Zoya's Charla and Black Rage over a white base.

And last but not least China Glaze OMG and First Class Ticket.

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