Thursday, March 17, 2011


Okay, I was super excited when I found out China Glaze was coming out with a bunch of new crackle nail polishes. So ofcourse when they finally came out, you would think I pre-ordered them online or something. NOPE, I just went to my local nail supply store, and there they all were, sittin in a pretty little row just for me. Well naturally I bought all of them, and I think I need to go back so I can get some more of the black and grey crackle. So far those two colors work the best for me. But anyway's here are some swatches of the crackle and a few mani's I did with them. Enjoy!

Crackle colors L-R: Lightning Bolt - White, Cracked Concrete - Grey, Broken Hearted - Pink

 Crushed Candy - Blue

 Black Mesh - Black, Fault Line - Purple

 This is Cheers to you with a coat of Broken Hearted. Love this mani, is so pretty in real life.

 Pink Voltage with Savvy Tinsel for a hint of sparkle, with Black Mesh on top.

 I wish the crackle was a little better on this mani, but I still really like it, actually the more I look at it  I love it. The colors are very pretty together and in the sun, WOW. Just didnt expect to like this one that much. This is Atlantis with Fault Line on top.

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