Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Polish Haul

Okay, here I am going to go through all the polishes I own to date. I do have some new ones coming in the mail as well but they can wait till next time. Since I am really in the mood to get this done. But I am not going to show all my polishes at once. I plan on doing only a few polishes a day. That way I can keep going and not have huge gaps with my purchases and postings. It again has just been crazy though. I kinda went way overboard the past couple of weeks. Like making a stop at my Sally's, Ulta, and my local nail supply store 3 times in one week. Then ordering about 12 polishes online, and then I unfortunately went into my local Ross, and they had some awesome Color Club products that I didn't see last time I was there. So now that's another stop on my nail polish route. YIKES!!! But its ok, I have the support of my friends and my loving husband. He's so cute, I hurt my finger really bad at work last week and tore a huge chunk of my nail off. After I told him how pissed I was that I did that he goes "OH NO!!! What about painting your nails!" - :) Like I said very very cute. Oh and also I plan on making a link so you guys can see what colors I own all together. There will be a description w/ name and colors in it if necessary, a pic of the bottle and then a swatch. That way you can fully appreciate every color, as I do. Also I just wanted you all to know the reason behind me showing swatches only on nail wheels, is because I really can't and don't want to waste the polish on my nails. It's very pointless to paint even one hand one color take a pic or two and then take it right off. I already do that when I want to do different designs. And I only do that on 1 finger anyways. So that is why, I love the nail wheels, I need to buy more. I only have China Glaze on them right now, but I need wheels for all the misc. colors, and my color club collection, since that's my new 2nd favorite brand. And that's the 2nd brand I have the most colors in. So I can't wait to show you guys what I have. And as always I hope you enjoy.

 This is Thunderbird. And my husband LOVES this color. We have a 97' Thunderbird that he is planning to fix up. Yeah I know why not just get rid of it. Believe me Ive been trying but with no success :(. Anyways this is the exact same color as our car, so he wants me to wear it all the time. hehe, but it is a gorgeous color. So in secret I hope he does fix the T-Bird so I can wear this polish while driving in it. I do miss cruising down the strip in my Cinnamon. That's the cars name.

 This is Snow Globe. I really really like this glitter, but I don't love it. I feel I have a lot of dupes for it. But it really is different then what I have. Just wish my camera would take better pictures.

 AAHH, I love this color. This is Techno. Very gorgeous glitter top coat. Just a bunch of rainbow glitters big and small.

I saw this color on a ring, and I fell in love with it. Again my camera isn't working so well anymore, but in real life this is a gorgeous holographic pink glitter. Reminds me of bubble yum watermelon bubble gum with glitter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok everyone, I have been super super bad about keeping up with my blog. Because I have bought over 20 new polishes since my last post :D I know right! Its been crazy at work, back to 1 day off again. But I need to get these swatches, and mani pics and my collection updated. Also I was wondering if you guys think I should put a spreadsheet of all the polishes I own. Its funny, because my friend Lindsay has a spreadsheet, and she told me that I should start one. I wrote her back saying nah, I dont think Im gonna get that many polishes. But boy was she right, and I wrong. I unfortuneately have all the colors I own memorized which is even sadder, but a spreadsheet with swatches next to them sounds like a great side page on here. Let me know what you think. Well until I decide I guess I better get to lookin for all the new polishes I got and get them on here. So be right back......... hehe.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Accessories

Here are the rest of the pictures I didn't get to show last time. These are mostly just some accessories I have, and tools I use. Just wanted to let you have a lil glimpse of what I got. Hope you like it.

 Okay here's some of the glitters I use for Decorating my nails either in plain mani form or in acrylic form. I have made acrylics out of all these glitters and believe it or not they actually work. I got this case at a craft store and I was super disappointed because then I went to Wal-Mart and they have this same thing only in a bigger count :( and for a cheaper price :0!

 Here it is. Half of the bottom row is acrylic while the entire bottom row are my glitter acrylics. The rest is yep you guessed it FIMO'S. I bought the 100 count of fimo canes off eBay and now I have tons of fimos everywhere. I cut them myself which isn't really hard to do. I just used an extremely sharp steak knife with no edging to it. Other then a little force they cut like "Butter."

Flower Fimo's
 Here's a closeup of some of the Fimo's. Yeah some are a little big, but honestly it gives it character. So I don't mind.

 Here's a close up of my glitter Starry Moon Acrylic.

 Fruit Fimo's Closeup

 Here is a baggy of some other tools I have. In here I have my konad stuff, my dotting tools, some fimo canes, toothpicks for water marbling. Glitter, nail polish pen corrector brushes and a file.

 One of my best investments ever. My polish wheels. That way you can see the colors without me having to paint all my nails, take a picture, then take the polish off and put on another color. These are really cheap in eBay, and I LOVE THEM!!!

 I found this at CVS, I saw some other blogger's recommended it and I'm glad they did. I use this all the time, especially at work so my cuticles don't dry out from the hot plastic and boxes I mess with all day. I carry it in my pocket at all times, but it was a little pricey. I paid $9 for this bottle. But I think it was a great investment. My nail beds thank me everyday.

 Did someone say Water Marble?  These are just some of the main tools I use when I do my water mani's. My lil party cups, and my glass jar of polish remover, with the eyeliner brush to clean around the edges. Love it!!!

I got this cuticle oil at Christmas, its not my favorite. It's supposed to smell like Apple, but smells like Watermelon instead. I do like it, but scented stuff makes me break out sometimes, and I'm too nervous to keep using this in case I touch my face and start getting itchy bumps everywhere. Other blogger's love this product, just don't think its for me.

A little off topic and then back again

Okay I know these are completely off topic, but my good friend Jennifer messaged me on Facebook wanting to show me these dresses. I LOVE DISNEY Princess's and I wish I knew about these before I got married. Because I would have definately tried each and everyone of them on and would have had a huge struggle between my 3 favorites. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. But all these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. Theres also a link to check it out yourself, that way you can see just the dress, shoes and accessories.

And now to some nail swatches.

 Here is Hyper Haute from the Tronica Collection.

 Hologram Tronica Collection. In this picture you can see some of the hologram, but in the sun you can really see it. I know Ive mentioned it before, but I dont want people to diss this color, it really is pretty. And yes it DOES have holographic effects to it. But it is your opinion, and mine is I LOVE HOLOGRAM!!!

 This is a rare color, its called Fortune Teller. This is personally not one of my favorites. And China Glaze made a dupe of it called Ick-a-Body. The colors are exactly the same even the glitter colors, the only difference is the glitter in Ick-a-Body is smaller and theres a lot more of it. Other then that the 2 colors are the same.

 AAhhh, Secret Peri-Wink-Le. Such a great Spring color, I will be doing a water marble with this color and a few othere colors for Easter. Pics, and possibly a tutorial soon.

Blue Paradise, the name says it all.