Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Accessories

Here are the rest of the pictures I didn't get to show last time. These are mostly just some accessories I have, and tools I use. Just wanted to let you have a lil glimpse of what I got. Hope you like it.

 Okay here's some of the glitters I use for Decorating my nails either in plain mani form or in acrylic form. I have made acrylics out of all these glitters and believe it or not they actually work. I got this case at a craft store and I was super disappointed because then I went to Wal-Mart and they have this same thing only in a bigger count :( and for a cheaper price :0!

 Here it is. Half of the bottom row is acrylic while the entire bottom row are my glitter acrylics. The rest is yep you guessed it FIMO'S. I bought the 100 count of fimo canes off eBay and now I have tons of fimos everywhere. I cut them myself which isn't really hard to do. I just used an extremely sharp steak knife with no edging to it. Other then a little force they cut like "Butter."

Flower Fimo's
 Here's a closeup of some of the Fimo's. Yeah some are a little big, but honestly it gives it character. So I don't mind.

 Here's a close up of my glitter Starry Moon Acrylic.

 Fruit Fimo's Closeup

 Here is a baggy of some other tools I have. In here I have my konad stuff, my dotting tools, some fimo canes, toothpicks for water marbling. Glitter, nail polish pen corrector brushes and a file.

 One of my best investments ever. My polish wheels. That way you can see the colors without me having to paint all my nails, take a picture, then take the polish off and put on another color. These are really cheap in eBay, and I LOVE THEM!!!

 I found this at CVS, I saw some other blogger's recommended it and I'm glad they did. I use this all the time, especially at work so my cuticles don't dry out from the hot plastic and boxes I mess with all day. I carry it in my pocket at all times, but it was a little pricey. I paid $9 for this bottle. But I think it was a great investment. My nail beds thank me everyday.

 Did someone say Water Marble?  These are just some of the main tools I use when I do my water mani's. My lil party cups, and my glass jar of polish remover, with the eyeliner brush to clean around the edges. Love it!!!

I got this cuticle oil at Christmas, its not my favorite. It's supposed to smell like Apple, but smells like Watermelon instead. I do like it, but scented stuff makes me break out sometimes, and I'm too nervous to keep using this in case I touch my face and start getting itchy bumps everywhere. Other blogger's love this product, just don't think its for me.

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