Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok everyone, I have been super super bad about keeping up with my blog. Because I have bought over 20 new polishes since my last post :D I know right! Its been crazy at work, back to 1 day off again. But I need to get these swatches, and mani pics and my collection updated. Also I was wondering if you guys think I should put a spreadsheet of all the polishes I own. Its funny, because my friend Lindsay has a spreadsheet, and she told me that I should start one. I wrote her back saying nah, I dont think Im gonna get that many polishes. But boy was she right, and I wrong. I unfortuneately have all the colors I own memorized which is even sadder, but a spreadsheet with swatches next to them sounds like a great side page on here. Let me know what you think. Well until I decide I guess I better get to lookin for all the new polishes I got and get them on here. So be right back......... hehe.

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  1. Yes,spreadsheet!!! :D It's so much easier to start one while your collection is small and not have to go back and add 200 polishes.