Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Polish Haul

Okay, here I am going to go through all the polishes I own to date. I do have some new ones coming in the mail as well but they can wait till next time. Since I am really in the mood to get this done. But I am not going to show all my polishes at once. I plan on doing only a few polishes a day. That way I can keep going and not have huge gaps with my purchases and postings. It again has just been crazy though. I kinda went way overboard the past couple of weeks. Like making a stop at my Sally's, Ulta, and my local nail supply store 3 times in one week. Then ordering about 12 polishes online, and then I unfortunately went into my local Ross, and they had some awesome Color Club products that I didn't see last time I was there. So now that's another stop on my nail polish route. YIKES!!! But its ok, I have the support of my friends and my loving husband. He's so cute, I hurt my finger really bad at work last week and tore a huge chunk of my nail off. After I told him how pissed I was that I did that he goes "OH NO!!! What about painting your nails!" - :) Like I said very very cute. Oh and also I plan on making a link so you guys can see what colors I own all together. There will be a description w/ name and colors in it if necessary, a pic of the bottle and then a swatch. That way you can fully appreciate every color, as I do. Also I just wanted you all to know the reason behind me showing swatches only on nail wheels, is because I really can't and don't want to waste the polish on my nails. It's very pointless to paint even one hand one color take a pic or two and then take it right off. I already do that when I want to do different designs. And I only do that on 1 finger anyways. So that is why, I love the nail wheels, I need to buy more. I only have China Glaze on them right now, but I need wheels for all the misc. colors, and my color club collection, since that's my new 2nd favorite brand. And that's the 2nd brand I have the most colors in. So I can't wait to show you guys what I have. And as always I hope you enjoy.

 This is Thunderbird. And my husband LOVES this color. We have a 97' Thunderbird that he is planning to fix up. Yeah I know why not just get rid of it. Believe me Ive been trying but with no success :(. Anyways this is the exact same color as our car, so he wants me to wear it all the time. hehe, but it is a gorgeous color. So in secret I hope he does fix the T-Bird so I can wear this polish while driving in it. I do miss cruising down the strip in my Cinnamon. That's the cars name.

 This is Snow Globe. I really really like this glitter, but I don't love it. I feel I have a lot of dupes for it. But it really is different then what I have. Just wish my camera would take better pictures.

 AAHH, I love this color. This is Techno. Very gorgeous glitter top coat. Just a bunch of rainbow glitters big and small.

I saw this color on a ring, and I fell in love with it. Again my camera isn't working so well anymore, but in real life this is a gorgeous holographic pink glitter. Reminds me of bubble yum watermelon bubble gum with glitter.

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