Saturday, April 28, 2012

MIA too long

Hey guys, I know its  been forever since I was on here. I started this blog last year to keep me busy and share my polish obsession with the world. But unfortunately it became a bit much for me at the time. I started a new job in the middle of last year, and am now able to polish to my hearts desire. And to be honest I was doing so much it was difficult for me to want to put it in a blog. So I started a Nail page on facebook. So if you want to check it out go to and take a look at all the polishing I have been doing. I do still plan on getting back on here. But I'm still working on school at the moment and I am debating on taking a class this semester. Summer is my least favorite time of the year, only due to the fact that I live in Vegas and it just gets way too hot to want to do anything, even go to school. So I hope I can get back on here and post some awesome Mani's for you guys. But until then be sure to check out my page on facebook and enjoy.

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