Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Water Marble

Here are some of my favorite designs of water marbling that I have done. Enjoy!!!

This is China Glaze Sexagon and Zoya Charla. Couldnt believe how well these worked together.

Here we have just a plain white base, but used China Glaze Flying Dragon and Blue Sparrow. Both of these colors dry as a matte finish, and since they do that they dry much faster. So when I started to make a design in the water the colors started to separate a  lot faster. But I noticed that it made a paint splatter effect. So I just went with it. And as you can see it turned out great. So even if they dont spread the way you want, you can look at it another way and still get a great design out of it.

I was getting excited for Spring and realized I havent used any yellows yet for my mani's. This is China Glaze GR8 and Zoya Pippa.

This really was just me messing around late one night, and I wanted to make some marbles with Cheers to You and some bright colors. And as you can see it turned out awesome. Reminds me of Easter decorating eggs for some reason. :)

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