Friday, March 18, 2011

Nfu-Oh and some random's

Okay, I have seen some youtube guru's with these polishes and I had to have them. I asked several people and they said they bought them online at other retail stores, but I saw some youtubers say they found them from And there they were all the cutest polishes I could ever want. I feel every girl should have their entire collection. I mean look at these bottles. Totally ADORABLE!!! Wish I knew about these earlier I would have given them to my friends as gifts for my wedding party. I only had 1 bridesmaid but still I definately would have gotten her some of these. But anywho to get on with the night. Heres some the first colors that I got. Nfu-Oh # 40 and # 63. Love the flakies and the holo's. Hope some day I will post a picture of the entire Nfu-Oh collection in my posession. Man that's a
lot of nail polish ;)

 # 40

 # 63

 I absolutely love the backs of these as well. The dress design for nail polish is so adorable.

Okay now here come the random's:

Okay I follow a blog called Chloes Nail's She is completely awesome and has the most amazing nail collection. So this was a design inspired by her, and I can't wait to see what she come's up with next and what inspiration she can give me and other's.

Sally Hansen Black Out and China Glaze Dorothy Who? and Pom Pom.

And yet again more water marble

 China Glaze Sexagon, Sinful Color's Let's Talk and Sally Hansen Black Out. The base is Sexagon.

 These are the same colors only the base is Sinful Colors Dream On.

 These colors remind me of Cinderella's dress. The colors are all from China Glaze, they are Hologram, 2Nite, and Frosty.
Okay that's all I have time for today. I will be doing new mani's this weekend and posting some awesome pics. I recently recieved Deborah Lippmanns Across the Universe. So expect some pretty cool mani's with that one.

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