Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's some mani's from the past

Well now Im going to show some pics of my past mani's from between January to now. So here we go...

China Glaze Phat Santa with Party Hearty! Absolutely love this mani, so perfect for Christmas!

This is China Glaze Mahoganie. The first picture is blurry so you can see all the sparkle that is really in this polish. Ive never seen a brown glitter polish till I saw this one, now I will definately be keeping and eye out for them.

Here are all the China Glaze colors I have so far. I definately have some dupe colors, because after Christmas Sally's had a ton of colors on clearance and 50% taken off of that as well. So I have like 3 Phat Santa polishes. It truly is my favorite red EVER!

Here's my entire collection so far, but believe me it is definately growing.

China Glaze IDK with Savvy Tinsel on top. Love this combo.

Another with Savvy Tinsel this is L8R G8R. It looks a little yellow but this really is a great bright green.

Heres a color I never thought I would buy, its China Glaze Pom Pom. I kept passing it up every time I went to Sallys, but one day I decided to indulge myself and buy something I wasnt sure of. But when I got it home I noticed all the larger piece's of lavendar glitter with the small pink, and I fell in love. I might show a better picture of this in the future since this one really doesnt do it justice. But absolutely an awesome color.

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